AUTHOR: Julia TITLE: Urban Gardening at its Best! DATE: 6/26/2009 10:49:00 AM ----- BODY:
Outside the second story window of an apartment building on Hampshire Street in Cambridge...

The gutters have been repurposed....

Perhaps most intriguing is the upside-down tomato plant.


----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Blogger Reeniā™„ DATE:6/26/2009 02:21:00 PM How clever! And determined! ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Blogger Heather DATE:6/26/2009 09:54:00 PM i love those upside down tomato plants. what a great idea :) ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Blogger Psychgrad DATE:6/27/2009 11:05:00 PM I've heard of those tomato plants - looks like a viable option. ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Blogger Lori Lynn DATE:6/28/2009 12:46:00 PM Ha! I saw that topsy turvy tomato plant infomercial on TV.
Cute pics.
LL ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Blogger Karen DATE:6/28/2009 07:00:00 PM Very cool! I'm also impressed with the veggies my neighbors manage to grow along their chainlink fences.

It was quite nice to meet you at the Slow Food event on Saturday. Your salads were most yummy!! ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Blogger Julia DATE:6/28/2009 07:50:00 PM Reeni -- I agree! I was never that ingenious when I lived in an apartment.

Heather and Psychgrad -- I'm curious to see how they grow when the tomatoes get bigger.

Lori Lynn -- I'm impressed with the homespun version.

Karen -- really lovely meeting you as well. ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Anonymous Marc @ NoRecipes DATE:6/29/2009 08:08:00 PM Hahah that's really inspiring, though I'm sure my condo board would kill me if I were to do that on the exterior of my 7th floor apartment. ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Blogger Amy DATE:7/02/2009 09:28:00 AM Awesome! Scroll down on this entry to check out this amazing truck-bed garden I saw on Roseland St near Porter:

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