AUTHOR: Julia TITLE: Something Old, Something New DATE: 8/04/2009 03:01:00 PM ----- BODY:
This year, I planted several new crops: leeks, kale and beets.

I purchased the leeks on a whim. For $2, I got a little pot with dozens (if not hundreds) of leek-hopeful sprouts. Given my propensity to over-seed, I was skeptical about the density of the sprouts.

When I got home, I tried to tease apart the seedling and spread them out across 3 rows. The roots, already sufficiently established, knotted together. As I gingerly pulled them apart, the sprouts drooped.... I propped them up in the soil, half burying each seedling. Some leeks got sufficient room, others remained crowded. With all the rain, they managed to reinvigorate themselves.

This week, I tried to thin them some more. Can you believe, the roots are still tangled? Seriously, though, as I tried to pull out one of the larger leeks, some of the smaller ones came along for the ride.

With the fresh leeks and a plethora of fresh herbs from the garden, I recreated an herb rubbed pork tenderloin with melting leeks. Even better the second time around.


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